Thursday, January 3, 2013

Just checking In…finally!!

Hello and Happy New Year errybody!! Just checking in with an update on Skye's hair…finally.

January 2013

As some of you may recall, we have been growing out her texturizer for almost two years now and I am happy to report that she is about 95% natural! As you can see here:

Christmas Day 2012

I straightened her hair yesterday, for the first time in about a year, and I plan to get the rest of the texturized cut off…maybe. Lol. Her hair has grown A LOT over our journey, but since I've been cutting off the texturizer gradually it is still around the same length that it was before. See the comparison below:

January 2012
January 2013

I washed and conditioned with our usual products and banded her hair for about 4 days. In the pic below you can see some of the banded sections, the hair after I removed the bands, and the bottom row that I have already straightened.

To straighten, I used ION Heat Protectant Spray and a super nice CHI flat iron this time around. At night I just put it into 3 loose twists and put her satin bonnet over it, and below are the awesome results:)