Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mini Twists 2012:)

Hello all! Since Skye had a four day weekend, I decided to do our first set of mini twists for 2012. On Friday, I washed her hair using Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo. Then I used Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer as a leave in and banded her hair overnight. Saturday morning I started the mini twists, using Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk. We took a few breaks throughout the day, and to my surprise we finished Saturday night. Usually it takes a couple of days, but she was a little trooper! I plan to add some coconut oil to the ends to make them curl up a bit more, but I am happy with how it turned out. We'll probably leave them in for at least 4-6 weeks and I will probably wash her hair every two weeks instead of weekly. More photos below, and some close-ups to see how much it has grown! Yay:) Hope you all have a lovely week!

Compare the above photos with the ones below (from 11/26/11) and you can really see the growth (see new growth, where the hair is thicker/healthier)!


  1. Skye's hair looks great and you can definitely see the new growth and thickness in her hair.

  2. Thanks Michelle, I'm so excited to finally see some real progress!!