Saturday, February 4, 2012

Randomness to make up for lack of posts:)

April 2011: My cousin used a little heat to make this happen, I love it...but as you will see below, flexirods work just as good, if not better!

This set of pics (Jan 2012) shows a little of our night time routine and the outcome the next day!

This face says: "Mommy, please leave me alone so I can go to sleep."

This is what's under the bonnet!

The next day!! (You can see this style in it's entirety here!)

The following pics are from October 2011 and they include a style I got here (and this was also the style Skye wore this past week)

Flower girl swag (people still say swag, right?)

I replaced the white rubber bands with black for school, it matched more of her outfits that way.

 And here are a few pics from Sept 2011...Twist-Outs Gone Wild, lol:)

Flat Twists with the wildest Twist Out ever! I adore big hair!

And finally, just the cutest kitty ever on a random day after getting her face painted for no reason other than fun:)

Sept 2011, Flat Twists and Mini Twists